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Everyone needs a little help and guidance at times.

Have you ever fancied a 


I am offering a full 7 card reading. 


I will email you what each card means and is telling me for you right now.

All i need is your name.

Email me[email protected]


I prefer a 'general reading' rather than be supplied with a question. 

The cards will show your current situation and give direction to help you. 

 I do not want to be given any clues at all about you.

All I need is your name and with this in mind I will draw seven cards.

     I do not do the 'Celtic Cross' or particular set layouts.

In my return email to you I will explain the meaning of each card drawn.


As I also work 'mediumisticly', I sometimes have other information that comes through to me as I study the cards.

This could be names of your family or friends passed to Spirit or here on the earth plain. 

  It may be to do with places you go to or where you live.

This is additional proof for you.

For more details

Email me at:

 [email protected]

Please note
The law requires that I state that no promises can be made from readings and that they are for 'entertainment purposes'.

I would add to that ..certainly the spirit world often make sure the messages are 'entertaining!'

The Seven Card Reading